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A few meters away from Ara Pacis, in the memorable via di Ripetta, a big stone portal shows MIA off: an atelier of wonders, a prodigious place dedicated to design. Conceived and founded by three women having the same passion for the beauty and the unique and with an unconventional idea of luxury. In the gallery a continuous evolved exhibition of well-blended contemporary and vintage décors.

Special objects, unique pieces and limited editions of prominent creative artists or in bud talents completely depict the MIA project, which is the home conception meant as an original and personal space, the expression of your memory and personality and not necessarily of actual tendencies.

Changing the grandeur of a space with a special piece, enlightening a room with different tones, suggesting the right accessories or imagining new backgrounds: this is MIA’s job, made possible thanks to a never ending research, courage and intuition on selections and a remarkable enthusiasm and passion.

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