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Born in Amberg in 1978, he’s a German designer. Marteen Bass attended the Design Academy of Eindhoven and later the Politecnico of Milan. His innovative approach lead to the SMOKE collection: 25 icons of the classic international design totally burned, charred and covered in epoxy material. This technique achieves a special position at the Moss Gallery of New York. Later, porcelain objects for the table, Haphazard Harmony, will be coordinated to Skitsch, the furniture in synthetic clay of the homonymous collection Clay and the sculpted one with irregular and asymmetrical shapes of the Sculpt collection. In 2005 Bass starts to cooperate with Bas den Herder, giving life to a never ending flow of artisan works. He doesn’t like definitions and formalisms in his creations and he just instinctively expresses personality and talent.

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