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Gaetano Pesce was born in La Spezia in 1939. He graduated simultaneously at the IUAV of Venice and at the High-school of industrial design. Defined by Carlo Scarpa as the “lather man” for his ability to use lathered plastic materials, he experimented the employment of resins and plastic materials to create original objects. He also taught at the École d’Architecture of Strasbourg, the Pittsburg Carnegie Mellon, the Politecnico of Hong Kong, the Domus Academy of Milan and the School of architecture of São Paulo in Brazil. Pesce is a polyvalent creator; he can give intensity to every kind of proposal in the design (Up collection, 1969) and the architecture world (the polemic contest Pahlavi National Library in Teheran, 1978). He considers both architecture and design two of the several artistic languages, a way to express our own ideology, a complaint against the institutionalized systems.

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