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Gio (Giovanni) Ponti, famous Milanese designer and architect, was born in Milan on the 18th of November 1891. Universal designer, he created several objects belonging to different sectors: theatrical scenic designs, lamps, chairs, kitchen things, famous transatlantic interiors and the Pavoni, an expresso machine for cafés. Later, in 1936 he obtained a chair at the Architecture department of the Politecnico of Milan. He will keep the chair till 1961. In 1951, together with Fornaroli , the architect Alberto Rosselli starts to be part of the studio. In the meantime, both the design and the architecture of Gio Ponti become always more innovative, leaving the frequent neoclassical references. This is the most reach and intense artistic period of Ponti: in the 1950s his most important creations will be realized. Gio Ponti died in Milan on the 16th of September 1979.

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